Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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PSA: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Currently Has a Co-Op Issue
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PSA: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Currently Has a Co-Op Issue

Games with three or more players can suffer severe lag or dropping of players

I received my review copy for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Thanksgiving weekend. I was a little sad when I found out that currently the game only supports TCP/IP co-op, mostly because it meant I couldn't try out the co-op until release (I didn't know anyone else that had an early review copy). November 28th rolled around, which meant I could try the co-op... theoretically. Unfortunately, that was not to be, as my press copy was not the same version as the released copy! This took me a few frustrating days to find out (my own fault) as I attempted many work-arounds that didn't work (how could they have, considering the root problem?)

Fortunately for me, my own co-op issues should be resolved in a few hours (thanks Trent for your prompt reply on my query!). In the process of the frustrating past couple of days, though, I found out another more widespread co-op issue for BG:EE that players should be aware of. In an email correspondence with Trent Oster (the Creative Director of BG:EE) I was informed that co-op with three or more players can be extremely unstable and dump players. The team is actively looking into it, has identified at least part of the problem, and is in the process of a fix. It could be a week or more before they can patch it into the game, though.

So there you have it. If you are having issues with BG:EE with three of more players in a game, be aware that the team knows there's an issue and are working on it. As for me... I'm just looking forward to being able to play the game with a friend! The review should be forthcoming, but will be quite a bit delayed due to this desync of press version/release version.