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by Nick Puleo 9

Co-Op Gaming Causes Less Aggression than Competitive

We've always said that playing co-op games online is a much different social experience, compared to typical multiplayer versus play.  Just hop into any versus game of Halo 3 and compare the chatter to that of a co-op game of Halo 3.  It's absolute night and day.  Perhaps the reason is John Gabriel's Internet Fuckwad Theory, or perhaps it's has to do with aggressive behavior trigger by the game type.

by Nick Puleo 1
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Unreal Tournament Black Free on Steam this Weekend

Epic has announced that Unreal Tournament 3 Black will be available for free this weekend on Steam.  Unreal Tournament 3 Black is the full version of UT3 along with the free Titan pack.  In total you have enhancements which include new maps and environments, the Titan mutator, the Greed and Betrayal gametypes, the Stealthbender vehicle, weapons, deployables, and characters.  The game also provides 50 Steamworks Achievements. 

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