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by Nick Puleo 1
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World of StarCraft Resurrected as Starcraft Universe

The World of StarCraft MMO mod for StarCraft 2 has been rename and retooled into Starcraft Universe.  The change comes on the heels of a wild week for the mod's creator in which he was given a cease and desist letter from Activisions Lawyers, offered a job by League of Legends developer Riot Games, and finally flown out to Blizzard HQ to present his case to the team.  The end result of this yielded a new mod that's slightly retooled, renamed, and not quite the MMO people originally hoped for.

by Marc Allie 1
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World of Starcraft? As a Starcraft 2 Mod? Yes, Please!

What happens when you put together two things that are awesome?  Apparently, you get awesome squared; need proof?  Just check out Starcraft 2 mod called World of Starcraft.  It combines two things we love (namely, World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2) into something that can only be described as "full of win".  Though the mod is only in a pre-alpha state at the moment, it looks quite highly polished already.  So far, the focus is on Terran infantry units as player characters, but can Zerglings or Zealots be too far behind?  The real question here is: why didn't Blizzard do this themselves, five years ago?

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