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Games, consoles, and services are all discounted

Microsoft Kicks Off Its Big E3 Sale Tomorrow

E3 2018 officially kicks off on Monday, but a lot of the big press conferences take place over the weekend. This includes Microsoft's conference on Sunday, June 10 at 4:00 PM EDT. In anticipation of whatever big news they've got, they're offering a lot of discounts on their hardware, software, and various services (like Gold, Game Pass, and Mixr) during their "Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year"... sale.

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The darkest of darks

Co-Op Shooter Earthfall Will Support HDR on PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

While it will take a little while longer for the technology to reach a price point where everyone can enjoy 4K and HDR, that's not going to stop devs from getting the games out there that will take advantage of the graphical fidelity it provides. Seattle-based Holospark's debut FPS title, Earthfall, will join the ranks of those titles you will, someday, be able to enjoy in that higher res future.

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