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..or mess with your friends.

Co-Pilot Your Kids on Xbox One

The latest beta update for the Xbox One has a unique and interesting option in it for parents with younger gamers just learning the ropes of a controller. It's called Co-Pilot mode and it allows two controllers to essentially be recognized as one by the console. While not exactly co-op in the traditional sense, utilizing something like this is definitely a gateway drug into further co-op gaming.

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One big step for the future of playing together.

Xbox One November Update Looks To Change The Way You Play With Friends.

November looks to be a big month for Microsoft, with its Xbox One side of things thanks to a major update that will be bringing backwards compatibility to the general public and an upgrade to the systems UI. This revitalization to the system is being powered by Windows 10 and looks to be the biggest and most user friendly update in the Xbox Ones history.

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