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by Mike Katsufrakis 6
Now give us the co-op footage!

Halo 4 Gameplay Leaves Us Excited for More

We were all very impressed by what we saw of Halo 4 at the Microsoft press conference, and for those of you who didn't manage to catch the livestream, we now have footage of the stage demo for you. The footage shows Master Chief and Cortana track down the UNSC Infinity after it crashes on the same world that our favorite Spartan ended up on at the end of Halo 3.

by Mike Katsufrakis 31
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How many billions of guns will be in this one?

Pandora Boogaloo: Borderlands 2 Officially Announced

We all loved Borderlands. From countless co-op sessions to adventures with Painted Queens, nearly our entire community came together to tear apart the wasteland of Pandora in search of precious, precious guns. We all knew a sequel was bound to happen, and guess what? It is. In our inboxes this morning came glorious news for the Co-Op Revolution: 

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