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Locke was born out of the NES era with a controller in his hands and the cord wrapped around his neck straight out of the womb. Since the age of four he has been collecting games and creating his very own gaming library, boasting over 2000 titles that go all the way back to the Atari 2600.

Locke’s co-op gaming started with Friday night rentals of old school classics like Contra, Double Dragon, and Battletoads where the game would go in, and the weekend would evaporate away. Games like like Toe Jam and Earl 2, Turtles in Time, and Sunset Riders established the foundation for his co-op background and paved the way for future generations of games.

Locke has been reviewing, podcasting, and establishing gaming communities for the past 5 years. He is a self-proclaimed ‘video wizard’ where many of his dreams materialize into crazy web-series and ridiculous antics that can be seen across the Internet superhighway.

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No solace in this solstice

The Red Solstice Co-Op Review

The Red Solstice is one of the few games this year where co-op is the core element instead of an afterthought. After a successful Kickstarter, Croatia’s Ironward have built a Frankenstein monster, drawing influence from many different places. Blending the gameplay elements of a tactical strategy game with the atmosphere of a survival horror i...

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It's Not Just Another Zombie Game!

Dying Light Preview

Techland is certainly well versed in the zombie apocalypse, and before you write off Dying Light as ‘just another zombie game’ wait until you are finished with this dissertation. A blend of parkour, combat, and open world survival, there is an elegance to this game cocktail. Taking away the power fantasy and integrating locomotion as a priority, the sense of urgency becomes paramount in humanity’s fight for survival over the undead.  

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