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by Marc Allie 12
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How my wife transformed into a battle-crazed soldier

Co-Op Couples: From "Dear" to Gear

As I walked to the living room, and called for my faithful ten-year old sidekick to fire up the 360, it occurred to me that a friend had left his copy of Gears of War 3 at our house. I walked back to the kitchen, where super-Mom was dutifully preparing dinner. Grabbing her hand, I put a controller in it, and invited her to join us in some Horde mode. She protested a bit, but I insisted.

by Staff 29
  • xbox 360
Turning single player into co-op

Co-Op Couples: 1 + 1 = Co-Op

We've got another guest submission from Peter and Ruth for Co-Op Couples this month. There are plenty of great co-op games out there, but sometimes, the well goes dry, and you run out of money for all the latest, shiniest titles. What's a co-op loving couple to do? Get creative and share the experience any way they can, of course!

by Staff 21
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Couch Co-Op Couples

Another guest writer weighs in on his kinship with the Co-Op Couples of the world, and explains why cooperative games benefit two parents who see more than enough adversity in this thing we call...real life .

by Staff 1
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Co-Op Couples: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

The truly fantastic enabling game Deadspace Extraction is now available on the Playstation network or as an extra in Deadspace Two Special Editions, and is the best reason to own a Move, says our guest writer. Find out how he conjured a basic human instinct and crated a hardcore gamer from scratch.

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