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Dark Souls PC Patch Makes Co-Op with Friends Faster
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Dark Souls PC Patch Makes Co-Op with Friends Faster

Waiting is for chumps

Modders are good at either stirring up controversy (how many nude patches for how many games are there, now?) or providing valuable/awesome additions to our games. This is a strong case of the latter. Modder M0tah recently released the Dark Souls Connectivity Fix for the Windows PC version of the game. The little bundle of code makes connecting to friends take priority over random players, meaning you can bring your pals in for battle without delay. Some other network connection fixes were also implemented, but apart from that, the mod doesn't touch the rest of the game. Simple, but useful!

Check out the Steam Workshop page for more information and instructions on how to install. And check out our Dark Souls co-op review for more information on how thoroughly the game will own your soul once you start playing.

Source: Steamcommunity.com