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Sacred 2 Holiday Content Update and Sacred 2 Network Beta Now Available
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Sacred 2 Holiday Content Update and Sacred 2 Network Beta Now Available

The crew over at Ascaron have sent word of a content update for Sacred 2.  Not only has the 620 MB update improved many aspects of the game, but it also includes a new snowy region, new armor and weapons, new quests and over 20 new monsters.    The "Holiday Update" is available right now from the official Sacred 2 update site.

Along with this update comes the beta version of the Sacred 2 Network.  This social tool allows multiplayer ladders, high score rankings, and even the ability to have your hero immortalized in the Hall of Fame.  

Of course all of this is moot if you haven't picked up the game yet, so be sure to read our co-op review to find out what you and your friends are missing.


SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel: Content update including beta version of SACRED 2 network now available!

ASCARON, a leading German manufacturer and developer of games software, and Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, today announced an extensive content update, including the beta version of the long-desired SACRED 2 network, for the popular action RPG. The holiday update (620 MB) will be published on December 17, 2008.

The update is packed with new features such as new armour, a brand new snow region, a whopping 20 new opponents and spectacular new weapons. In addition, a completely new series of quests guarantees tons of gaming fun and provides a special set of armour specifically designed to get you into the festive spirit. Naturally, many game details were improved as well, making for an even better gaming experience.

The first beta version of the SACRED 2 network includes an extensive ladder and highscore ranking system allowing you to compare your own performance to that of other community members. You can even win ranks and orders, and legendary characters are immortalized in a Heroes' Cemetery and a Hall of Fame. You can also use the social network to create your own profile then contact other users, make new friends, or arrange some multiplayer sessions.

Tincat, the flexible multiplayer engine from Arvato Systems, makes it possible to export all information belonging to a game character to the SACRED 2 network, and view it there. This allows players to compare character and guild information, and to view multiple highscore lists, making for additional long-term motivation.

Thanks to the SACRED 2 auto-update feature, the holiday update will be automatically installed when the game is launched. You can also download the patch via a specially created landing page.

The ASCARON team is looking forward to feedback from the community and wishes everyone happy holidays and a wonderful year 2009.

To download the software, please visit:

Official Website: