Zeno Clash II

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Zeno Clash II Gameplay Footage Released
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Zeno Clash II Gameplay Footage Released

Moths. Colored moths. I need them.

After all the teases and quick looks, Atlus has finally released a video that shows a significant amount of gameplay from Zeno Clash II. The first person melee game is set in a surreal world where combat is as combo-heavy as it is hands-on. No fair using guns to pick foes off from a distance. Here, you actually have to step in and get some blood splattered in your face. It's a bit like Mirror's Edge with a lot more punching. Wait, let's go back and write that again with emphasis: a lot more punching.

Zeno Clash 2 is currently available on PC via Steam. Look for the XBLA and PSN versions at a later date. Co-op allows two players to run through the single player campaign together. 

Source: Co-optimus.com