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Zeno Clash II

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Get Zeno Clash II and 7 Other FPSs for $3.99
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Get Zeno Clash II and 7 Other FPSs for $3.99

Oldies, but goodies?

If there is one thing that is topnotch about PC gaming, it is that you get great bundles at great prices.  The latest collection comes from Bundles Stars and only costs $3.99/£2.88.  For that you get eight First Person Shooters via Steam, including the 2 player online co-op friendly Zeno Clash II.

Co-Optimus may not have an official stance on Zeno Clash II, but we reviewed Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition on XBLA and found that it was a fun game, with a few flaws.  However, for 25 cents it can't all be that bad?

The game is only the co-op icing on what is an otherwise single player cake.  The bundle includes Steam keys for:

Nuclear Dawn
Hard Reset Extended Edition
Painkiller Overdose
Painkiller: Black Edition
Zeno Clash
Zeno Clash 2

Not the most salubrious collection, but for less than $4, may well be worth checking out.  You only have until 26th February to take advantage of the offer.