Space Nomads

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
New Space Nomads Video Introduces the Bad Guys
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New Space Nomads Video Introduces the Bad Guys

Screamers do NOT sound like fun.

Unveiled back in February, Space Nomads is a co-op first person tower defense game with some light sandbox elements set in a procedurally-generated world. It's being developed by a two man team called Loading Studios, and progress is being made at a steady clip. A new video has recently been released showing off a few of the enemies that will appear in the upcoming alpha release. As you might have guessed with a game that strands you on a desert-like alien world, each of these enemies is furry, cuddly, and eager to give you hugs and kisses!

First on the list: crawlers. These basic ground units move in groups and will attack both players and turrets. They seek out weak points in your defenses and converge on them. So, you know, don't have weak points in your defenses. Beetles are small, fast, weak units that ignore everything except your pod cells, heading straight for them to drain your fort's energy. Then come the Screamers. These airborne foes are invisible to turrets, which is probably why they can dive-bomb them from high in the sky. Oh, and when the turrets are gone, they'll start dive-bombing players. Might want to watch for that.

The alpha version of Space Nomads is scheduled for release this June, at which point a crowd funding campaign will be kicked off. Co-op play has been confirmed, but no details regarding number of players has been released. In the meantime, head over to the new Space Nomads forums for discussions with the developers.