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Co-Op Games of the Year
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Co-Op Games of the Year

The Co-Optimus staff is working away vigorously to determine the Co-Op Game of the Year, and we'll have that to you shortly.  But while you wait you may want to check out GamesRadar, who posted an article covering the same thing.  I'm not sure what gives them the authority to judge co-op, after all, they aren't the prime source of co-op gaming info - but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

In fact the GR folks bring on ten editors to examine the lot of games...and trust us...it's a huge lot.  They weigh in on zombie modes, horde modes, online modes and more.  But what's most surprising is their lack of any music games like Rock Band.  

With the year just about over - what are some of your standout co-op games of the year?  If you had to choose just one game this year that really stood out for it's co-op experience, what would it be?

Source: Gamesradar.com