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The 2012 VGAs crowned co-op, not competitive

A Co-Op Game Won Best Multiplayer Game of the Year

In a world dominated by the Call of Duties, Battlefields, and Halos of competitive multiplayer - it was refreshing to see this year's Spike TV VGAs Multiplayer Game of the Year didn't go to a game based on competitive multiplayer, but rather to a game that solely support co-op gameplay in Borderlands 2.  The game also took home an award for Best Shooter.

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This is a Halo news story if we've ever seen one.

343 Packs the Holiday Season With Massive Amounts of Halo 4 Content

It’s no joke that Halo 4 is probably one of the best game releases of this year, and for a very good reason: 343 Industries is keeping Halo 4 busy and constantly filled with new content. Today, we have a massive amount of sweet Halo 4 news for all you competitive and co-op gamers out there, so pause that Youtube video you’re watching and pay attention, because you won’t want to miss out:

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Live at the Spike TV VGAs (Two Days Later)

Our esteemed Managing Editor, Nick Puleo, mentioned an opportunity to cover the Spike TV Video Game Awards.  It seemed that I was the most qualified staff member to cover this event.  And by most qualified, I mean that I live closest to Los Angeles.  After we received confirmation on the press credential I had a sudden realization, which I shared with Nick in this Google chat message:

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Cast Your Vote for the 2009 Co-Op Awards

As 2009 rolls to a close, it's time to look back and reflect on everything Co-Op.  We have 7 categories for you to cast your ballot in.  Voting closes on Sunday, December 13th - so cast quick.  Write-ins are welcome!

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The 2008 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards

 It's been a crazy and interesting year.  We launched some 11 months ago with two goals in mind - promote co-op gaming and provide co-op gaming information.  Since that time co-op gaming has gone from a bullet point on the back of a box to the main feature promoted by publishers at press conferences.  In total there were over 100 co-op games released this year,  and that my friends is pretty damn awesome.  As the staff looked back over the list it was pretty clear what the standout titles were, but that didn't make the decision any easier for choosing our Co-Op Game of the Year.   

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Co-Op Games of the Year

The Co-Optimus staff is working away vigorously to determine the Co-Op Game of the Year, and we'll have that to you shortly.  But while you wait you may want to check out GamesRadar, who posted an article covering the same thing.  I'm not sure what gives them the authority to judge co-op, after all, they aren't the prime source of co-op gaming info - but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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