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Amazon Launches Indie Game Store for PC
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Amazon Launches Indie Game Store for PC

Packed with 400 independently developed games

Amazon has jumped fully into the independent game revolution. They've launched a dedicated section on their website to feature some of the best indie games available on PC and Mac. The good news for you? Lots of indie games at even cheaper prices.

To celebrate the launch there's some really great promotions and prices going on. First off - just about every game of the almost 400 listed in the store are marked down up to 75% off their normal price. Certain games available during the promotion will also offer you three free additional downloads if you purchase them. One such game just happens to be SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance*, which is also marked down to $2.49. Included with the purchase are Dynasty of Dusk (normally $4.99), Huntsman - The Orphanage (normally $14.99), and The Curse of Nordic Cove (normally $19.99). 

So you get $45 worth of Video Games just by spending $2.49 on one. Amazon is even giving 100% of proceeds for certain games right to the developers. That's pretty amazing!

If a game has a Steam Key or a key for another service you'll likely get access to it there as well. Isn't competition grand?

*Full Disclosure - I'm part of the team that helped create SCHAR.