SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

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SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Now Available on Amazon
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SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Now Available on Amazon

Please buy my game. :)

Today I'm proud to say the Indie game I helped create is now available to purchase via Amazon.  SCHAR Blue Shield Alliance is available in standard and deluxe editions via digital download.  While not a full retail release, to be listed on a major retailer is quite a milestone in my opinion.  We released the game in late August via Desura and had high hopes of getting it on Steam, but even with a Greenlight page I just don't see that happening.

So if Desura isn't your thing, you can trust good ol Amazon and purchase the four player co-op twin stick shooter and help make this indie developer and Co-Optimus creator a bit happier.  


  • Four unique ship types each with twelve upgradable items and six levels per upgrade
  • Story mode that arcs three planetary systems through 36 missions
  • Three modes of play including story, free play and survival
  • Dynamic musical score
  • 4 player co-op with dynamic difficulty and hundreds of enemies


There's a demo for the PC version available here.  

As always the game is also available on Xbox Live Indie games.  You can read some reviews right here.


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