Two Rayman Legends Trailers Showcase Absolutely Vibrant Arwork
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Two Rayman Legends Trailers Showcase Absolutely Vibrant Arwork

We'd love to see more of this on the big screen!

Rayman Legends is quickly approaching release time. From what we saw at E3, it’s going to be one of the best looking (art-wise) co-op titles on the Wii U. But since this game will be releasing on most consoles now, practically everyone will be able to play this visually vibrant, stunning game come August. But just to grab a bit more eye-candy, we had a few new trailers pop up from Ubisoft that are def. worth watching once.

In video #1, it showcases a pretty awesome character and enemy cinematic that perfectly sets the crazy tone for the game’s adventurous natures, while video #2 has some actual gameplay footage of the multiplayer/co-op modes, features, and overall epicness. Comparing this game to another 4-player platformer like New Super Mario Bros. would be practically down-selling it. From the hilarious character emotions, to the fluidity of the artwork in-game, it’s clear that the developers put their all into Rayman Legends. Take a look for yourself:

Rayman Legends releases on August 30th for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita, and will have a 5-player co-op mode. Don't forget that the Rayman Legends Challenge App is currently available for download on the Wii U!