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Zeno Clash 2 Update Adds New Challenge Modes
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Zeno Clash 2 Update Adds New Challenge Modes

Plus Steam Trading Cards, if you're into that.

Gotten your deranged first person face punching fix lately? The free update for Zeno Clash 2 offers two new challenge modes that will let you punch things until you're all tuckered out.

Cards, wireframe models, and endless battles pretty much sums up the latest Zeno Clash 2 update. The Steam version of the game is now part of the Trading Card system, meaning you can fill your Steam inventory with tons of little pictures you'll probably never look at again. Or sell them in the marketplace, whatever. On the slightly more useful side are two brand new challenge modes to lose yourself in: Framerate and Colosseum.

In the Framerate Challenge, bits of the internet are apparently leaking into the world of Zeno Clash 2. You spawn in an arena and must fight hordes of wireframe enemies, the number of which is determined by your PC's performance. A better computer means more things to fight, and the goal is to keep the wireframe baddies to a minimum so you can hold a steady framerate.

Colosseum Challenge is a little more traditional. Face off against 50 waves of enemies, each more difficult than the last. You'll have to put the game's combo system to good use if you want to survive, as there's minimal time between rounds to purchase weapons and power-ups.

Zeno Clash 2 is currently available on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. Note that the update currently only applies to the PC version. Co-op supports two players online.


Source: Joystiq.com