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Puzzler 'Ti-Qal' Hits XBLA This Week
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Puzzler 'Ti-Qal' Hits XBLA This Week

Fans of co-op puzzle action will be pleased about this week's XBox Live Arcade releaseTi-Qal is the (almost impossible to know how to pronounce) name of the latest XBLA offering, from Slapdah Games.  Ti-Qal is a puzzler of the color matching genre, and will be priced at 800 points ($10).  The style of the game is supposedly inspired by Mayan artwork; given the screenshots, apparently there has been recent archaeological evidence that the Mayans used lens flares and fiery explosions.  Co-op play will be available, both online and off, and 120 levels are included.  Look for Ti-Qal this Wednesday, March 26.