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The PlayStation Eye sees all....

Use Your Real Body as a Stepping Stone in Commander Cherry's Puzzled Adventure

With the advent of new technology, plenty of games force you to make ridiculous yoga poses for its own amusement, but most of these rely on personal training, a la WiiFit and Xbox Fitness. I'm still on the fence as to if those count as actual games or not, but I digress. What if there was a game which allowed you to utilize the pose of a friend's real life body in order to provide platforms in that exact shape to traverse across a ravine?

by John Bardinelli 2
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Contraption Maker Announced by Incredible Machine Devs

Everybody remember The Incredible Machine series? Way back in the early to mid 90s, a series of puzzle games was released that essentially let you build your own Rube Goldberg devices. You know, the ones that involve mallets hitting marbles that roll down ramps to wake up a chicken whose flapping wings hit a lever that drops a bag of flour on top of a scale that tips and turns the light switch off. That sort of thing. The team behind those classic games is working on Contraption Maker, a spiritual sequel to The Incredible Machine that promises to bring back the same free-form puzzle solving we fell for back in the good old days.

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Video Game Film Wreck-It Ralph Gets Co-Op Gameplay in Official Title

For those of you who wish a decent video game movie would be released in theaters for once, we might have a true winner with Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. The movie’s official video game, however, is being described as the game that will “Inspire a whole new generation of young gamers”. Both Activision and Disney Interactive have been working on a side-scrolling, arcade title of Wreck-It Ralph: The Video Game for current Nintendo platforms to go right alongside what is portrayed in the movie.

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A Virus Named TOM Releasing August 1st on PC

We've been following Indie Puzzle darling, A Virus Named TOM for quite some time now, and we're happy to say the game is finally getting an official release date after a lengthy beta.  The PC version, which will be available on Steam, Desura and direct from developer Misfits Attic will be out on August 1st, 2012 for $10.  You can still pre-order the game for the low price of $5 and get immediate access.

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Check Out a Behind the Scenes Look at BattleBlock Theater's Artwork Drawn in 800% Real-Time

The Behemoth, the guys that brought you the legendary co-op side-scroller, Castle Crashers, have in the works their newest title, BattleBlock Theater. This game is as classic a modern, arcade, co-op, puzzle platformer will ever get, so of course people are excited to see what this game holds for us. But what gave Castle Crashers its mega fanbase wasn’t only through its gameplay alone, but also through its quirky visual style as well.

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Save the environment as a Cloud Whale

Okabu Co-Op Review

You may have heard little whisperings about Okabu, like how it’s a pro-environment game, or how it sports a cutesy artstyle. Or this PSN-exclusive game’s release last week may have quietly slipped under you radar. Whether you have some invested interest in the game or if this is the first time you’ve heard much about it, we’re here to give you the verdict in our Co-Op Review.

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