Payday 2 Devs Show Off "Perfect" Heist
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Payday 2 Devs Show Off "Perfect" Heist

Web series continues with Episode 4: "The Elephant"

Payday 2 is a mere week away. The four player heist simulator will let us embrace our inner criminal, allowing players to embark on a number of illegal ventures. Many of you may already be playing the closed beta. I know several members of the Co-Optimus staff have been enjoying their time with the game. 

Today we have a video from the Overkill development team. They take us through one of the many heists we'll be able to pull off. In this snazzy video we'll see several gameplay mechanics at work, including lock picking, zip tying hostages, and the always important gunplay. You can't have a proper heist game without gunplay. Well, I guess you can avoid shooting if you're the quiet type Their goal is to stealthily take the spoils from the Harvest and Trustee bank. Let's see how they do. 

So much for the subtle approach. Maybe next time they won't stand around in the street in full body armor. Nice to see they still made a haul even after everything went to hell. 

In more dramatic news, the ridiculous web series recently received another installment. This one is titled "Elephant." What it lacks in strip club karate it makes up for with weird sexual tension, which is my third favorite kind of sexual tension. 

I was pretty damn disappointed there wasn't a real elephant. I still have no idea what the hell is going on in this series or how it relates to the game. Maybe it will all make sense when Payday 2 launches next week. Or maybe not.

Payday 2 supports four player online co-op. It will be available on August 13th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.