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Ravensdale to Press Onward, Even if Kickstarter Fails
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Ravensdale to Press Onward, Even if Kickstarter Fails

Developer says that they still plan on making the game

Sometimes Kickstarter projects are runaway successes. Sometimes, though, despite how awesome a project might look, there's just not enough people interested in it. Ravenloft unfortunately looks to be one of the latter.

We reported back in June about Ravenloft, a steampunk co-op platformer and shooter. While over 1,500 people contributing over $60,000 together (at the time of writing) wanted to get behind this game, the sad fact is that the project's goal is $500,000. With only three days left to go, Ravenloft will almost certainly fail to reach its goal. There is a bit of good news, however. Developer Black Forest Games recently released an update answering the pressing question of what will happen to the game if it fails to meet its Kickstarter goal:

We want to make this game and while it may be a while until we can secure the funds in order to produce it, we aren’t planning on scrapping it any time soon. Without the success of this Kickstarter the game will not be made for some time, but we will keep you updated with any movement regarding the project on the dev blog.

It's always awesome to see developers show such loyal commitment to their games, even when the going gets tough - and let's face it, figuring out another way to raise $500,000 is going to be a doozy. 


Source: Joystiq.com