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Sanctum 2 Gets Second DLC Expansion
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Sanctum 2 Gets Second DLC Expansion

It's time to "nail" some aliens.

Ruins of Brightholme sounds like something you'd stumble across in a Sherlock novel. Maybe it's infested with mutant hounds or something? As a piece of Sanctum 2 DLC, though, it's all about improvised weapons and slummin' it in, well, in the slums.

The Ruins of Brightholme DLC contains a lot of new content. We put "lot" in italics so you know we mean it. It takes place in The Slums of Brightholme where the inhabitants have learned to make do with weapons and tools provided by the world around them to fight off attacking aliens. You'll do the same, picking up things like a Nail Gun and Circle Saw to really get in there to do some damage. It's a lot more visceral than standing on a platform halfway across the map and sniping an alien in its big bright weak spot.

In addition to the new weapons, Ruins of Brightholme features four big maps with loads of interactive elements. You can do things like trigger explosive traps to damage incoming foes, and rising toxic liquid presents both a challenge and a blessing as you figure out how to work around its presence.

The list of new things goes on, including two additional towers, new enemies, new perks, and an increased rank cap. Here's a features list:

  • Rupture Mines damage enemies based on how fast and how far they travel.
  • Makeshift Tower can either fire critical hits or just shut down. Because it's makeshift, you see.
  • The Jumper alien leaps over walls and towers.
  • Infected Explorers are mutated human beings who get in close to deal damage and can regenerate health.
  • Seven new perks include kill streak bonuses, faster movement and greater damage.
  • Thor Module perk allows towers to send out a shockwave with each kill.

The Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme DLC is currently available for PC via steam for $4.99. The expansion is also included in the season pass.