Terraria Update 1.2 Trailer Comes Down to Earth
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Terraria Update 1.2 Trailer Comes Down to Earth

You've read about the update, now witness it with your eye globes

There is something very satisfying about reading the details of an upcoming update for one of your favorite games, but it lacks punch.  Terraria is one of our favorite games, we gave it 4 out of 5 after all.  You've read what the new 1.2 Update is going to bring to the game, but now you can see for yourselves in the latest 1.2 trailer.

The patch is currently only for the PC version of the game and will coming to Steam on October 1st.  You will be able to enjoy new bosses and NPCs with up to 8 players online.  Check out our news article for more details on the update, or witness some of the elements for yourself in the below trailer:


Source: Youtube.com

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