Terraria Console and Mobile Updates Add New Content and Co-Op
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Terraria Console and Mobile Updates Add New Content and Co-Op

In that order, of course.

When Terraria finally made its way to mobile devices this fall, we had one major complain: no co-op support. What's the point of mining every block of a vast 2D world without being able to show your friends the vague outline of a butt you carved into the wall? A new update from the game's mobile publisher addresses that problem with local co-op support. Hooray!

Android and iOS owners can finally get their cooperative Terraria on with the latest patch, which also includes a few bug fixes. Up to four players can sit and share the exploration and mining via Wi-Fi, turning your once solitary world into a happening place where all the cool kids hang out. PvP is also available, in case you get mad at each other.

On the console side of things, Terraria's PS3 and Xbox 360 update adds new content taken from the Terraria 1.2 patch that just hit PC. A dozen new items have been added to the mix, along with two new armor sets, new crafting recipes, and over 20 new monsters. The full content of the 1.2 patch should hit consoles early next year.

One final note: if you're that guy who has a Windows Phone 8, Terraria will be coming to your marketplace soon!

Source: Vg247.com

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