Terraria Coming to Xbox One This Year
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Terraria Coming to Xbox One This Year

The ultimate goal is to bring unicorn slaughter to every conceivable platform.

So you've made the leap to next gen and picked up an Xbox One, but find yourself longing for the 2d pixelated glory of yesteryear. Dry those tears, friend, for Terraria is coming to Xbox One sometime in late 2014! Now you can finally relive your fondest memories of battling winged eyeballs, constructing a magnificent castle, and filling your friend's castle completely to the brim with lava.

Granted, Terraria can be played on just about any other device that takes electricity these days, but if you had to sell all of those items to pay for your new Xbox, then you're in luck!

The Xbox One version of the game will contain everything in the latest update (1.2), and even some secret new functionality. I'd have to guess Kinect support. Maybe we'll be able to flail around in front of that unfeeling robot eye to destroy blocks. Or, maybe we'll just say "Dig," and your pixelly adventurer/craftsman will just start plowing dirt until their little arms fall off. I dunno.

With the amount of attention Indie developers saw at E3 last year, maybe we'll know a bit more about the One version sometime next week.