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Change Your Point of View with the New Hellraid Trailer
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Change Your Point of View with the New Hellraid Trailer

Either it is very far away, or tiny

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the case of Hellraid, you can get up close to this beauty, or take a few steps back and admire them from afar.  The new trailer highlights one of the additions made to the delayed 4 player online co-op action RPG.

If you stop to think about first person perspectives in games, you may just give yourself a nosebleed.  You may be seeing from the PoV of the hero, but does your vision act like theirs?  What about those strange movements you see out of the corner of your eye?  Games have always struggled to give a sense of the peripheral so Techland has come up with one idea that will at least allow people to choose how much they see.

The Field of Vision option on Hellraid allows you to zoom in or zoom out within a given range.  If you are a player that likes to have enemies filling the screen as you fill them with a broadsword, then zoom your FoV in.  If you are someone who likes to have as much knowledge as possible, zoom out.

The ability to vary the FoV has been a staple of racing games for years, but is uncommon for First Person games (especially on console).  Check out the new trailer from Techland and they will explain exactly what they did:


Source: Hellraid.com

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