Rayman Hits PS4 and Xbox One a Week Earlier
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Rayman Hits PS4 and Xbox One a Week Earlier

Sooner is better than later!

In terms of modern gaming, we expect games to be delayed. Not just by a month or two, either (remember when Ubisoft held Watch Dogs back an entire year?). It's a rarity indeed when we receive some good news in terms of scheduling for video games. In that same vein, the five player co-op platformer Rayman Legends jumps its way to Playstation 4 and Xbox One an entire week ahead of schedule to launch on February 18th in the States, and February 20th in Europe. Sure, it's just a week, but I'll take it!

Some new features showcasing the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One's hardware arrive with this port. The power of next gen grants enhancements to the already stunning graphics for Rayman and his colorful crew, and each console receives special bonuses. Xbox One fans are granted time-sensitive achievements, and allowed access to a variety of console exclusive costumes for Rayman, including Splinter Ray (from Splinter Cell), Assassin Ray (from Assassin's Creed), and Vaas Ray (from Far Cry 3, though why you would want to turn a fun loving guy like Rayman into a mohawk-wielding sadist is beyond me.)

The PS4 gets the ability for players to scratch off in-game tickets, using the touch pad, which is just as satisfying as scratching off a real-life ticket, except you don't get all that nasty silver stuff under your fingernails. Both consoles grant the ability to unlock Funky Rayman, which is probably based off of his recent endorsement by Snoop Dogg.

Maybe porting Rayman Legends up to the new consoles encourages other developers to do the same. Those consoles need more games, especially great games like this one.

Source: Gameinformer.com