UPDATED: Treat Your Eyes to this Child of Light Trailer; Release Date and Price Announced
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UPDATED: Treat Your Eyes to this Child of Light Trailer; Release Date and Price Announced

This design offers the equivalent of an ocular massage.

For my money, there is nothing out there that meets Child of Light for graphical awe. The first impressions enchanted me in a way few games do, and has refused to let me go ever since. The visuals alone would have kept me begging for more, though combine that with combat influenced by Grandia 2 and April 30th needs to get here faster. This little title swoops in at $14.99 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the PC.

Celebrating Aurora's journey to return the sun, moon, and stars, here's a new trailer showcasing some important gameplay features.

I like the horned beast dude with the scary mask for a face, though that bear noise sounds like it doesn't belong. If he growls every time he attacks, this guy might find himself permanently benched.

We've seen how crafting works, combining three gems to make other, different gems. I'm pretty sure that's how you do it in real life. Aurora applies different gems to her crown to provide different effects, such as enhancing defense or attack. With 600 crafting combinations, completionists everywhere are probably in for a monumental journey.

What really stands out here are the over 200 skills Aurora and her teammates apply. If the skill trees are as vast as the ones shown here, there might be a ton of different ways to spec out your fairy girl. Of course, you can probably grind out all her skills and abilities and turn her into a sword-wielding murder machine and school all the baddies, but you'll only be hurting yourself. We don't know if Igniculus (controlled by player 2) gets his own skill tree since he's not a combat character.

I'm more than eager to see if Ubisoft can pull off an excellent traditional JRPG. My nostalgia gland is piqued in interest.