Some Crafty New Screens For Child of Light
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Some Crafty New Screens For Child of Light

We already know from the images and trailers we have seen that Child of Light is one good looking game, but I for one would like to see more!  Some of these new images may be more of the same, but they also give us a look at the character and crafting sides of the game.

Child of Light is a 2 player RPG side scroller mash-up coming out at the end of April on multiple platforms.  A couple of the new images highlight areas we have yet to see.  Crafting will allow you to combine crystals to create more powerful mega-crystals, whilst the quick glimpse at the character tree suggests that there will be a lot of interpretation open to the player to how they wish to develop their character.     

With the game out in only a few weeks, make sure you check back with Co-Optimus for the best co-op-centric review out there.