Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Games for Windows GTA IV Swag
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Games for Windows GTA IV Swag

If you participated in our latest Games for Windows Co-Op Night, you would have know you had a chance to win some great GTA IV swag.  Rockstar Games has graciouslly sent over the prizes and boy are they awesome!

Three winners will get:

  • 1 Custom GTA IV Pool Cue and Case
  • 1 Statue of Happiness (Desktop Edition)
  • 1 GTA IV Police Department T-Shirt (Size XL)
  • 1 Pack of GTA IV Stickers

Once I get confirmation back from the winners we can announce them.  But the only way to win was to play some GTA IV co-op during our event...and well...lets just say your chances of winning are very good.

Special Thanks again to Rockstar for providing such awesome swag!