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Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack Hitting Disney Infinity This April
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Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack Hitting Disney Infinity This April

Complete your collection and find something special waiting for you.

New figures featuring characters from the mega popular Disney TV series, Phineas and Ferb, will be coming to Disney Infinity soon! This will complete the entire cast of characters for the game and unlock a super special item for avid fans.

Two of the main characters from the show, Phineas and Agent P (also known as Perry the Platypus) will finally be released as Toy Box Pack this April 1st. Phineas is widely known for his knack for inventing things, never-ending optimism, and his weirdly shaped head, while Agent P is known for his super sleuthing, martial arts, and his 1940's fedora. Their character's unique abilities reflect these things perfectly. Phineas will carry around his trademark baseball firing gun and Agent P will throw his hat around like a Tron Identity Disc. Additionally, the town where the show takes place, Danville, will also be included in the pack as two new skydome and terrain Powerdiscs. Please take a quick look at the very brief teaser to see them in action:

As with all playable characters in Disney Infinity, these two will also carry their own Character Adventures missions that only they may participate in. Phineas' mission will transport him into a giant pinball machine where he must destroy waves of robots. Various bumpers and flippers can be utilized to assist if the robots begin to outnumber you. Agent P's mission, however, will feature a top-down adventure game that has the spirit of classic video games within its design.

Poor Ferb... you would have been fun to play as!

This marks the last character releases for the title, as Toy Box mode long hinted that both Phineas and Agent P would be playable. Their character icons occasionally appeared on unlockable chests and their statues resided within the Hall of Heroes, not to mention they are featured in the full character cast portrait for the game. It's interesting that Phineas' main pal in the series, Ferb, isn't playable in this title. While some of the current playable characters are solo figures and don't belong to any particular set, it's odd to see that the duo didn't come together in this game. Still, Agent P is, by far, the more popular and recognizable character than Ferb, so we'll have to let it slide for now.

With the release of Phineas and Agent P this April 1st, players will finally be able to complete the Hall of Heroes and obtain a special item for collecting all the characters in the game: the Star Wars lightsaber weapon! From the video shown below (courtesy of DisneyInfinityFans), the weapon seems to be pretty underwhelming, considering the fact that collecting all figures takes a large chunk of change to do. If you're a fan of Disney Infinity and have the cash to make it to this point, we applaud your dedication:

Source: Polygon.com