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Disney Infinity's Toy Box Mode Shows Off a New Racing Mode
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Disney Infinity's Toy Box Mode Shows Off a New Racing Mode

Who's the better speedster: Dash or McQueen?

When we think of a racing game made up entirely of beloved characters, we’d mostly certainly think of a Mario Kart first. Well, think about those games with around 100 times more customizable options and replaced with Disney characters; you’ll get the newly introduced mode in Disney Infinity. More than just a world creator, Toy Box Mode’s new ‘Racing’ component will also allow player to build elaborate raceways and obstacle courses for others to enjoy within the game.

Disney’s Infinity takes racing of all sorts and allows every character to participate in some way, whether it be through their natural abilities (shown through Lightning McQueen and Dash), or on a type of transportation such as hover boards, custom vehicles, horses and mounts (like Bullseye), jetpacks, etc. This mode could almost be a whole game in itself, as the racing possibilities here are nearly endless. Take a look at the ‘Toy Box Racing’ mode trailer below:

Disney Infinity has 4-player online/2-player local co-op modes and will be releasing for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and Wii this August 18th. Be sure to check out our previous articles for more information on various characters packs and game modes!

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