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Starbound Update Gets its McGroove On
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Starbound Update Gets its McGroove On

Promises to only gobble your universe one more time.

Having new items, enemies, weapons and worlds is always great, but so far most of Starbound's updates have required a complete wipe of your characters and worlds. All that exploration gone in an instant! With this latest patch, however, the game takes a huge step forward in removing that crippling feature. Just one more wipe to go!

The features list for the Enraged Koala patch isn't as fleshy as some of the previous patches. New to the Starbound world are some new death animations, Valentine's Day items (swords, costumes, decorations, etc.), changes to projectiles, and a handful of bug fixes and content additions.

Developer Chucklefish has been working on Starbound's engine and patching system the last few weeks in an effort to make updates a more seamless experience. This patch doesn't hit the big switch just yet, but when The Update does roll out, content will be able to be pushed out at an almost daily rate, all without fear of losing your current worlds.

Oh, and speaking of new features. You're familiar with Smooth McGroove, yeah? If not, the video above will educate you in a jiffy. His sultry, bearded pipes now provide the sound for the microphone instrument in Starbound. Totally. Worth it.