Divinity: Original Sin

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Slight Delay for Divinity: Original Sin After Beta Feedback; New Trailer
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Slight Delay for Divinity: Original Sin After Beta Feedback; New Trailer

Still on Early Access, though.

After being in Early Access for a little while now, Divinity: Original Sin's official release is being pushed back slightly due to feedback from players and Kickstarter backers. While originally scheduled to be out for proper in February, the new release is slated for sometime this Spring, giving Larian Studios enough time to iron out whatever wrinkles the current playerbase uncovered in their time in Rivellon.

The Divinity team wants to show you all the hard work they've been putting in for with a brand new trailer detailing locations around the world. Check it out.

It's definitely a looker, and I'm a sucker for the cRPGs of long ago; a genre which hasn't seen a whole lot of love in the past few years. Perhaps the extra polish on Divinity might turn a good experience into a great one.

If you'd like to see what our very own Co-Optimus Dream Team thought about their preview time with Divinity: Original Sin, take a gander to the video below. 

Early Access can definitely be used for really nefarious means, and I hope Larian Studios isn't just using the beta of the game to farm out any QA work. If they are instead using player feedback to improve gameplay, then that's just fine by me.

Source: Evolvepr.createsend1.com