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"Mini Ninjas" Hiding Co-Op Behind their Tiny Mask?
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"Mini Ninjas" Hiding Co-Op Behind their Tiny Mask?

In case you hadn't heard IO Interactive, the studio that brought us Hitman and Kane and Lynch, has had a change of heart in their style. What does this mean? IO interactive plans on releasing a cartoon-ish ninja-action game called Mini Ninjas sometime in the near future, and who doesn't want to be a Mini Ninja?

Joystiq.com has given us a brief preview of the game, outlining the few known details – and I'm here to speculate what this means for the co-op world. While no official word has been given on the availability of cooperative gameplay, if you take a look at the gallery of screenshots, it looks like there is definitely potential.

Lending a helping hand, perhaps? How about using different abilities to combat foes side-by-side with a friend (as seen in the trailer)? Showing off three primary characters bonding over a battle sounds like my Friday nights for sure. I'd consider this (potentially) good news for anyone hoping for some cooperative, or maybe even versus gameplay that doesn't require reloading.

Source: Joystiq.com