Deep Down

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
The New Deep Down Trailer is Lost in Translation
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The New Deep Down Trailer is Lost in Translation

The language of game footage is universal

Hello everyone, do you understand me?  Good, English is one language you can comprehend, but do you also know Japanese?  It will help when watching the new development diary for Deep Down the 4 player dungeon crawler game coming to PlayStation 4.  Although you may not understand the words, the gameplay footage is universal.

There is no confirmed release date for Deep Down, but it is already looking pretty good.  Our Dead Souls 2 review is now available and Deep Down looks like it will be a great companion piece for when you have finally finished with that title.

The new trailer for the game comes in the form of a Development Diary.  Although many of us will not be able to understand the language, there is plenty of new gameplay footage to check out: