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PvZ Garden Warfare DLC Causes Bugs on Consoles
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PvZ Garden Warfare DLC Causes Bugs on Consoles

Popcap working quickly to fix all issues on Xbox 360.

The latest Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC, "Garden Variety Pack" had caused a few issues on consoles last week that Popcap is currently trying to remedy. Please be aware that they are doing everything they can to get the bugs fixed promptly.

At the end of last week, people had been reporting issues involving game crashes and freezing due to the recent release of the first "Garden Variety Pack". As of today, all Xbox One owners should be good to go, as the developer rolled out a update to fix the issues this past Friday. For Xbox 360 owners, however, it might be a while yet before it can be dealt with. No official date has been issued for these alterations. Justin Wiebe, Creative Director at Popcap, had this to say regarding those players via Twitter:

Xbox 360 is at 80% Need to keep Main Street and Driftwood Shores G&G maps out of rotation for a bit longer. Still working hard to resolve.

— Justin Wiebe (@JA_Wiebe) March 21, 2014

Hopefully these issues are a one-time thing and don't become a recurrence for future DLC's. Have these bugs impacted your games in any way? Let us know in the comments!