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Fight The Dragon

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
User Generated Hack 'n' Slash Fun in Fight The Dragon
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User Generated Hack 'n' Slash Fun in Fight The Dragon

Build levels, collect loot, kill a dragon. What's not to love?

Fight The Dragon aims to offer a true RPG experience while letting player creativity run wild. Connecting each user generated level in an interesting and clever way, Fight The Dragon is a welcome addition to the plethora of user generated games.

In short 10-15 minute levels, players can team in up local two player or online four player co-op to complete adventures in a non-linear fashion. During play, characters will be able to level up and acquire new items to help them on their journey. The benefit of having a non-liner game is that one can jump in with a friend to any given level, without having to follow a predetermined story or path. It's inviting to those who want to hop on for some quick fun, and also those who want to devote hours to the adventure.

Progressing through Fight The Dragon earns players tickets that allow them to enter the ultimate arena where they, you guessed it, fight a dragon. Interestingly enough, each player has their own dragon to battle, and every dragon as an enormous amount of health - it can't be done in one encounter. The dragon collects persistent damage, so it's an ongoing battle to keep coming back to. 

Fight The Dragon is available on Steam Early Access March 27th. The Early Access version is in an "unfinished but very playable state" according to developer 3 Sprockets. It features single player, local co-op, and online multiplayer. New features are constantly being added, so Fight The Dragon is sure to have our attention for quite a while.