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Everything Explodes in new BROFORCE Trailer
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Everything Explodes in new BROFORCE Trailer

Glorious, exploding pixels.

Crush that beer can on your head and snag an M16. There's a new BROFORCE trailer on the loose and it's stuffing Democracy straight down the throats of terrorists. These Bros have been pumping iron and chugging protein powder shakes, so they've learned a few new tricks to devastate any Free Market opposition which might come their way. Salute Old Glory, boys, and be sure to slam a few Jaegerbombs for your fallen Bros.

Get ready for the Brocalypse.

I think the American Military recruitment drive missed a key opportunity to trademark the phrase "punch terrorism right in the genitals." It really hammers the point across.

Are you Bro enough to chuck the enemy's own active grenade straight back at their hideous, freedom-hating mugs and reduce them to a cloud of square giblets? Do you have the cojones to backflip up over a ledge and knife some balacalava wearing jerk right in his jugular? With plenty of crazy tech and special moves to spice things up, you and your Bros can keep on waging war for Democracy.

Though, if the end of the trailer indicates anything at all, Commies might not be the only enemy your Bros might face in their never ending battle for America.