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Solid Resolutions for Dark Souls 2 PC Version, Console Update Coming This Friday
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Solid Resolutions for Dark Souls 2 PC Version, Console Update Coming This Friday

Graphics aren't everything, but...

The PC folks have been waiting patiently for their version of Dark Souls 2 to arrive, coming this April 25th, while the console gamers have been playing since March 11th. The upside to the longer wait for the PC is that the game will have much better graphics than the consoles, as the developers promised.

Unfortunately, some consumer backlash happened when the console versions were released, as the game didn't provide the resolutions and framerates that were shown in various previews. However, for the PC version of Dark Souls 2, a native 1440p resolution is the name of the game here. It will be significantly better than the 2012 port of Dark Souls in the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (stuck at 1024x768), including multiple other enhancements such as texture quality settings, anti-aliasing options, SSAO, antisotropic filtering, higher-detail character models, etc.

This should (hopefully) satisfy most of the PC Dark Souls community for their love of crisp graphics and potential to mod the game, but only time will tell. One other big improvement is the ability to rebind keys for the mouse and keyboard, which the original Dark Souls was also pretty bad at. The gallery at the bottom of the article shows a closer look at some of these option menus.

On the console side of things, a patch for the game will also be rolling in the next couple of days. This Friday, April 11th, players will be able to download the 1.03 patch for Dark Souls 2 and fix a whole lot of bugs addressed by the community. Please see the full list of patch notes here:

Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.03


  • Failing to create Multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items, such as White Soapstone.
  • Players now receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully assisting in a Multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity.
  • Starting boss fight with the Looking Glass Knight while summoning other players no longer cancels the summoning process.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some bloodstains, illusions, and messages from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where "Unable to participate in Multiplayer Session" could constantly appear.
  • Fixed some instances where the portrait of the person you were summoning was different than the actual character.
  • You will no longer be able to take off Covenant rings while being summoned.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some summoned players to fall through the ground at Earthen Peak.

Game menu/interface/controls:

  • Optimized Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance.
  • Trophy icon for "Holder of the Fort" has been fixed.
  • Controller now vibrates when blocking an attack.

Other fixes:

  • Bug involving Drangleic Castle door not opening has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Souls to be lost upon death with the Ring of Life Protection equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to fall through elevators while using Binoculars and Magic simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue causing some enemies being hit by arrows at long distances receive 0 damage.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Brotherhood of Blood duels from starting properly.
  • Added a message for players that displays after entering the coffin in Things Betwixt
  • Fixed an issue where all of the items and objects in an area would reset (Without using a Bonfire Ascetic).
  • Fixed an issue that didn't unlock some items from vendors on 2nd and beyond playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue causing the requirements for the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant be 50 too high.
  • Licia's conditions for moving have been optimized.