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A Novel Concept - Double Jump
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A Novel Concept - Double Jump

Can video games prepare you for a "real life" adventure?

If you are in North America, you may notice that we are running a few ads right now for something called Double Jump. Double Jump is a novel by author Jason Glaser who has writing credits of several dozen books including many kids books. He's also a fan of Co-Optimus, so that of course earns him several bonus points. Double Jump is a novel about Jeremy who suddenly finds himself in a situation that seems all to familiar, one that reminds him of the video games he loves to play.

Having personally read the first few chapters (and you can read the first here), I was quickly hooked into what the author was telling. The book wastes zero time setting the stage, and in fact, it almost starts on a bit of a climax and a cliffhanger all in one. The first few chapters whizzed by with relative ease and Mr. Glaser's writing style is both easy to read and descriptive while not being overbearing at the same time. Obviously given the subject matter of the book it was easy to relate to some of the early themes, so that no doubt helped fuel my desire to keep reading.

So if you'd like to support independent authors, enjoy video game themed stories, and even stories about cooperation (this is Co-Optimus after all) - I recommend you check out Double Jump today! Just click one of the ads on the site or the link below - and thanks in advanced.