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Can video games prepare you for a "real life" adventure?

A Novel Concept - Double Jump

If you are in North America, you may notice that we are running a few ads right now for something called Double Jump. Double Jump is a novel by author Jason Glaser who has writing credits of several dozen books including many kids books. He's also a fan of Co-Optimus, so that of course earns him several bonus points. Double Jump is a novel about Jeremy who suddenly finds himself in a situation that seems all to familiar, one that reminds him of the video games he loves to play.

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cough cough

Diablo 3's TV Commercial Reminds Us to Call in Sick on May 15th

When I was growing up, Blizzard games always had two things going for them.  On one hand they were always filled with richly detailed characters and were a fun, polished product.  On the other hand they were remembered for their gorgeous cinematics, fully rendered and detailed that were head and shoulders above anything else out there.  I can remember my excitement of getting an entire DVD with the Diablo 2 Collector's Edition that contain all the cinematics on it.

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Halo Reach Live Action Video Shows the Day Before the Invasion

Ever since Halo 2, Microsoft marketing for the Halo universe has been one of human relation and emotion.  For a sci-fi game that's largely about huge battles between cyborg  like men and aliens with green blood, there's very little human element directly on display in the titles.  Yet, the I Love Bees ad campaign from Halo 2 and the Museum campaign from Halo 3 are amongst the most memorable ads for video games by the emotional response they invoke.

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