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Hellraid Gets a Next Gen Makeover Trailer
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Hellraid Gets a Next Gen Makeover Trailer

Making skeleton murder into art.

Techland is finally ready to announce their brand new engine for Hellraid, the Chrome Engine 6. Finally, the undead-brutalizing combat we all know and love can be rendered in glorious next-gen graphics. While the official release date for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is still a mystery, the four-person first person hack-and-slash is aiming for a launch on Steam's Early Access sometime this autumn.

Hellraid has undergone some changes based on developer experiences and player feedback. The game has expanded to three different modes, highlighted in this fancy new trailer.

The three new modes are all co-op, but with distinct agendas. The Story mode is comprised of your team saving the universe from an invasion by the genuinely hideous forces of hell. The Arcade mode has you and your demon-hacking buddies beating demons for combos and killing streaks, in case your friends want a dash of leaderboard competition in your co-op. Finally there is Arena mode, which is you and your chums bludgeoning endless ranks of the undead (and demons, and whatever other things come from hell) in a hacky-slashy horde mode.

The folks over at Techland must really have some beef with the undead, or perhaps supernatural evils in general. First we're supposed to bash zombie heads in Dead Island, and now you want us to dismember ghouls and horned demon-lords in Hellraid? I can see why you'd want us to kill 'em all, of course. We're not exactly having to straddle the line of moral ambiguity here.