Skylanders Trap Team will Tunnel your Inner Ghostbuster
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Skylanders Trap Team will Tunnel your Inner Ghostbuster

The franchise continues trapping evil doers in the process.

Activision have announced the next game in the Skylanders franchise, following up the excellent Swap Force from last year. Skylanders Trap Team is tweaking the formula, adding a component for players to capture enemy villains and convert them to your team.

Skylanders Trap Team introduces new Skylanders heroes known as Trap Masters as well as brand new Core Skylanders characters. You'll also find reposed fan-favorite Skylanders characters from previous series. The big addition is new "Trap" figures that align to specific elements which are used to trap enemies within the game. It's being touted as the first time characters not only go INTO the game, but come OUT too.

The video below will show you exactly what we mean.



Two player local co-op is still present throughout the entire game as well.  An all new story is at everyone's fingertips in Skylanders Trap Team when it launches on October 5th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. You're going to need a new Portal this time around again, so expect to pony up for starter packs once again.