Killing Floor

  • Online Co-Op: 6 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 6 Players
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Killing Floor Turns 5; Game Stats Revealed
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Killing Floor Turns 5; Game Stats Revealed

That's a lot of dosh.

Put on your party hats and fire wildly into a crowd of shambling horrors, preferably in slow motion. Killing Floor has just celebrated its fifth year since release, and Tripwire Interactive has scoured their databases to give us some stats on their zombie-slaughtering co-op survival horror. And really, who doesn't love huge info dumps in graphical form?

Check out their full-sized infographic by clicking on the picture, or on Tripwire's Website.

Alrighty then! Let's break some of this stuff down. 167,063,432 hours worth of ZED-blasting mayhem, huh. That translates into 6,960,976 days, or just over 19,000 years. Food for thought: it took 19,000 years for us to go from the Bronze Age to modern day. Think what all could have been accomplished if we hadn't been burning all our time turning Husks into giblets!

Our chaps have put 20,047,611,840 to rest so far, (nearly three times the current population of the earth, by the way), using 400,952,236,800 bullets. That's about eight and a half times the estimated amount of bullets used in World War 2. 

So yeah. Humans must really like Killing Floor. We certainly did

It's a game I find myself coming back to with some regularity. It's a great pick up and play experience, perfect for those evenings where you and your friends can't decide what to play. Couple that with a killer mod scene and tons of free developer support, and you've got a game worth pouring tons of time into. 

Are you excited for Killing Floor 2 and all of its gory goodness? I'm ready to pour another 19,000 years worth of time into this one.