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LittleBigContent Patch Delayed; Awesome Freebies Make Up For It
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LittleBigContent Patch Delayed; Awesome Freebies Make Up For It

A large content patch for LittleBigPlanet was supposed to have been released last week.  To the chagrin of adorable Sackfolks everywhere, it wasn't.  However, to help ease your suffering, there are some free costumes that will be available to download between now and the end of next month.

First up are the extremely cool and particularly well done Chinese New Year clothes, pictured above.  You can celebrate the Year of the Ox in style, for sure.  A slightly disturbing Groundhog costume will scare off winter, and all of your Sackfriends.  The last freebie is the Valntines Day gear, featuring a naked Sackperson wearing only heart shaped sunglasses with a rose in his mouth.  I had lots of jokes for that last bit, but in the interest of keeping PG-13, I'll restrain myself.

If you prefer to buy your costumes, the God of War pack (which was a preorder bonus) will be available for everyone soon.  Kratos is still intimidating as a Sackboy!



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