Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate: The Game

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Blue Estate Out On PS4 Now
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Blue Estate Out On PS4 Now

First Person Wise-Cracking

Every once in a while, a game will materialize into existence solely to remind you of a genre you thought had been dead for years. For example, Blue Estate, a rail-shooter, just released on the Playstation 4. That's right! A rail-shooter. I harbor no ill will against the genre, but discovering they are still being made is like finding out your neighbor just bought a new brontosaurus.

Originally released for PC last year with the Leap Motion Controls (though only single player), the two-player co-op rail-shooter is a game adaptation of a comic series called Blue Estate, or if you're feeling formal, Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate

Check out the trailer.

Yep, that sure does look like a rail-shooter. But hey, you get extra points for blowing someone's head, or testicles, off!

You've got two playable characters here, though only one can be controlled at a time. First player aims a visible gun, while second player merely deals with a reticle. I get that this thing was originally intended as an "exclusive" for the Leap control scheme (which supported one player), but that just seems unfair to Player 2. Once again, this does NOT have online multiplayer. Local co-op only.

Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate is also coming to Xbox One, though no release date has been announced.