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Co-Optimus Launches New T-Shirt Store with TeePublic
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Co-Optimus Launches New T-Shirt Store with TeePublic

Order our new shirt in any color you want!

We've had a handful of t-shirts over the years, but today we're launching something a bit different. In a partnership with TeePublic we're launching a T-Shirt store with carefully curated designs that promote cooperative gaming. Whether the theme is Borderlands 2, Dark Souls or Ninja Turtles, if we think a t-shirt exudes the idea of "playing together" we'll feature it in our TeePublic Store.

In general TeePublic features lots of great shirts for geeks, gamers, and pop-culture. It's all searchable by tags to find the exact shirt you need for your next convention, gathering, or date. 

Over the coming weeks we'll also have a few exclusive designs just for you, including one launching today that's the site's infamous bot logo. One advantage of partnering with TeePublic is the ability to launch in many colors and genders. So we've got six colors to choose from in both male and female sizes!


A Dark Souls 2 themed shirt we absolutely love!

In the coming weeks we'll be launching a contest inviting our readers to create their own designs which will be featured in our store. Purchasing shirts via our store directly supports our website. You can always find a link in our "More Content" menu. Please share it with your friends and if you see something you love, we encourage you to grab it - because in true co-op fashion - we both benefit!


Source: Shareasale.com